Notations on a visit - Ghost and Hydrangeas in the Attic

Year. 2009
Medium. Residencies & Projects, Installation

Chateau de Padies
Culture & Cultures Festival, Lempaut/France

On our final days in France, we collaborated with the team at Padies to present a finissage and all day event at the chateau grounds celebrating the completion of our residency. Some of the works in the finissage included a series of brush-like objects, anthropomorphic characters constructed from materials harvested from the grounds of the chateau, including wool, dog fur from the resident Pyreneese mountain dog Whytee. This event included an installation with a public performance in the attic and an outdoor installation in the gardens.

The layout and execution of the Finissage Notations on a Visit: Padies 2009. Ghosts and Hydrangeas in the Attic, was a ground breaking event with successful outcomes for all concerned. It allowed the invited audience to approach Edwards + Johann’s work in their own time over the course of a day, with a number of access points from various angles. This aspect of their practice clearly broadens peoples understanding and ability to access contemporary practice.

Elaine Merkus

Art Section Interview

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