The Map is not the Territory

Year. 2013
Medium. Drawings, Photography

The Map is not theTerritory ; Unique Sequence of seven C-type photographs, hand coloured with line drawing

Rocks - sky rocketing through a sea of colour. Hand coloured elements and map like linear drawings add to the object/structure in question.

What do we see here? It may become a useful guide or assistant. Or just bewilder and expand the puzzle...


The term originates from Alfred Korzybski meaning that a map can describe a territory in some similar structure that allows us to traverse the land, which gives us a useful tool, but that our perception of the map can never equal the territory, but only our version of it, our map. We may live in the present, but our thoughts reflect the past. We only have maps to refer to and nothing else. So the determination of what terrains our maps reflect to can present difficulties since any information, even if imagined or dreamt, can seem just as real to us as those that come from the outside world.

- Series of seven works sold Private Collection, London