Perth I Maps of Engagement: Pathways and Connections

Year. 2010
Medium. Residencies & Projects

Artists in Residence at the Perth Museum and Art Gallery, May/June 2010, Perth/Scotland

Working in and around Perth and at the Museum has given us an extraordinary experience. We have been invigorated by the opportunity and have looked forward to develop our work for The Perth800 Nightlight Festival and interior exhibition at AK Bell Library. In our time in Perth, we came across many quirky and fascinating threads of history as well as uncovering some more human stories and connections between Scotland and New Zealand. This made us very curious to find out more. Perth has so much to offer and we feel privileged to have been asked to contribute to the fabric of life here. We feel excited and fortunate to be able to return to further engage with the people of Perth, attend the festivities and complete our remarkable project in November 2010.

Edwards+Johann, June 2010

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